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Learn To DJ In 1 Hour

DJ Los has played with Atlanta's top DJ's

DJ Classes For Beginners

These classes are for people looking to learn the basics of DJ'ing. No matter if  you've never even tried DJ'ing before  you can start to create for yourself a lucrative side job in just an hour. We will cover everything you need to get you going down the right path and save you weeks of time. 

When I first started learning to DJ I had to search high low on Youtube, Facebook groups, reading books and talking to fellow DJ's. I quickly found that everyone had an outdated and complicated way of learning that was just taking too long. After much research I found that DJ'ing was no where near as hard as everyone was making it seem. Sure there are complicated routines and scratches that you can learn down the line as you go, but to get started you only need to know a few simple things and some guidance and you will be on your way to playing events and making money. 

We will move at your pace to ensure you at least learn how to mix and select music which is the foundation of what it means to be a DJ. From there if we have time or if you want to book extra time we can learn more about the business. 

DJ Courses Includes:


Lesson 1 - Politics

  1. Sync Button

  2. Software


Lesson 2 - Sourcing Music

  1. DJ Pools

  2. Illegal Sources


Lesson 3 - Software

  1. Virtual DJ

  2. Serato

  3. Traktor

  4. Rekordbox


Lesson 4 - Organization

  1. Crates

  2. Folders


Lesson 5 - Beat Grids

  1. Importance


Lesson 6 - Setting Cue Points

  1. Importance


Lesson 7 - Mixing

  1. Timing

  2. Song Structure

  3. Harmonics

Lesson 8 - Clubs vs Private Events

  1. Bars, Clubs, Lounges

  2. Weddings

  3. Birthday  Parties

  4. School Events

  5. Awards Ceremonies


Lesson 9 - Marketing

  1. Digital Marketing

  2. Free Events

  3. Pictures/Video

  4. Logo, Website, Cards


Lesson 10 - Equipment

  1. Controllers

  2. Headphones

  3. Speakers

  4. Stands

  5. Tables

  6. Facade

  7. Microphones

  8. Lights and Misc.

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